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Bamboo Cotton Trifold (Snap-on)

Bamboo Cotton Trifold (Snap-on)

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  • 2-ply trifold, 6 total layers of protection
  • Reusable/washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Very soft
  • Highly absorbent
  • Breathable material
  • Naturally repels stain
  • Has a snap on each end to secure on diaper cover
  • Eco-friendly
  • 15.5 inches x 14.5 inches



Soakers are the workhorse of a cloth diaper and its functionality largely depends on them.

The Cutie Patootie Bamboo Cotton Trifold has a total of 6 layers of protection, is hypoallergenic and very soft making it safe to touch baby’s skin. With this, you have the option to use it as an insert or lay it in on the diaper cover. It has a snap on each end so you can secure it in place on the Cutie Patootie FlexiNappy.

Bamboo cotton is highly absorbent and holds liquid efficiently to avoid leaks, reduce rash tendencies and give that absolute stay-dry feel for hours. It naturally repels stain which keeps it neat and clean over time.

Reusable and washable, it makes for a perfect complement to cloth diapers for a totally eco-friendly lifestyle.



80% Bamboo and 20% Cotton

Care and Wash



  • Because the Cutie Patootie FlexiNappies are made with natural fabrics, there could be natural oils that would repel liquid and cause inefficient absorbency. We recommend that you pre-wash them 3-5 times with mild or regular detergent and warm water. Washing them on shorter "delicate" setting is okay. During this pre-wash cycle, you do not need to dry them for every single cycle. Instead, you can dry them after all pre-washing is done. Absorbency generally increases the longer you use and wash them


  • Do not use regular rash cream as the petroleum and oil build up will cause  deterioration on the the soaker and diaper's ability to absorb liquid by repelling it and result to leaks. Some ingredients in rash creams may not come off with regular detergent washing. There are plenty of other rash cream options you can use as a barrier that will retain your cloth nappies absorbency like organic virgin coconut oil, calendula or shea butter and many other cloth diaper-safe rash creams available in the market today.
  • Use bleach sparingly if at all. Bleach is used to disinfect cloth diapers and battle yeast infection. Use sparingly as bleach is a toxic chemical. We recommend sanitizing them once a month at a maximum. Use 1/4 cup bleach in a load on a hot wash cycle. Add an extra cycle to thoroughly wash the bleach off.
  • Do not use regular fabric softeners. Some ingredients of standard fabric softeners can cause them to repel liquid which can be hardly washed off during laundry. However, there are diaper-safe fabric softeners available in the market should you find the need to use them.
  • Strip cloth nappies when needed. Stripping means removing any oil, detergent, ammonia or other buildup that might be causing repelling, leaks, rashes, odors or any issues. You can also strip your cloth nappies periodically to prevent problems or prolong its life as a regular maintenance. To do this, you can run several hot washes with just water, no detergent.



Most people who are new to cloth diapers or considering to use them are easily intimidated with the wash requirements for cloth diapers. A lot of parents are discouraged to use cloth diapers mainly for this reason. But really, the only very basic difference in washing them versus regular laundry is its need for an extra pre-wash cycle of just water with no detergent. So let's keep it simple.


  1. Drop solids into toilet bowl, if any. Otherwise, they can go straight to the diaper pail.
  2. Use a diaper spray (bidet) to wash off excess waste. Most of this excess waste, or all of it, should come off with the strong water pressure from the sprayer swept in different directions.
  3. Store in dry pail. With the FlexiNappy, you have the option to detach the soakers snapped in or outside the Charcoal bamboo inner lining. If left snapped outside like an All-in-two, these soakers will flap open; If left snapped inside the pocket like an All-in-one, the FlexiNappy has a double wide pocket opening (on each side); If just loosely inserted unsnapped like a regular pocket diaper, they can still be throughly cleaned with the soakers sliding out of the double wide pocket openings during the wash cycle.


    1. When it's time to wash, remove the pail liner off the diaper pail to move to the washer. Hold at the bottom and tip soiled nappy contents to the washer. You can easily remove the soiled nappies in one go without taking them out piece by piece with your bare hands.
    2. Machine rinse cold.
    3. Wash warm. You can use any regular detergent or a baby detergent during early stages of baby if preferred.
    4. Tumble dry low or line dry.



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