Cloth a Baby

Cutie Patootie is very passionate with its commitment in promoting the switch and use of cloth diapers to advocate for significant reduction of environmental waste. It is a brand that was created with a higher purpose from the very start. In line with this is our desire to support families who are struggling to provide the basic needs of their baby such as diapers; More so for the relatively huge upfront cost of cloth diapers over disposables.

Sharing the same cause, Cutie Patootie has partnered with One Diaper Canada, a Canadian cloth diaper charity based in Ottawa, ON. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be used to "cloth a baby" by supporting struggling families in their diaper need, with us providing financial and cloth diaper donations to the charity. We believe that, together, as a bigger compassionate cloth diaper community, we can do so much more to raise awareness and help.





About One Diaper Canada 

We are a cloth diaper charity that provides cloth diaper kits to families who self identify as needing financial assistance.  The organization headquarters is located in Ottawa, Ontario.  One Diaper Canada is staffed entirely by volunteers passionate about cloth diapering (many have cloth diapered their own children) and assist with cloth diaper collection, repair, distribution and cloth diaper education.

For information on how to make financial or cloth diaper donations directly to One Diaper Canada, please click here.