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Charcoal Bamboo Soaker

Charcoal Bamboo Soaker

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  • 2-ply Charcoal Bamboo Fleece outer fabric with 3-ply Microfiber inside. That's 5 layers of protection
  • Stay-dry fleece lining
  • Reusable/washable
  • Hypoallergenic lining
  • Very soft
  • Very quick and highly absorbent
  • Breathable material
  • Repels stain and makes it nearly invisible with its natural dark color
  • Has a snap on one end to secure on diaper cover
  • Eco-friendly
  • 14 inches x 5 inches
  • 100% Polyester



Soakers are the workhorse of a cloth diaper and its functionality largely depends on them.

The Cutie Patootie Charcoal Bamboo soaker has 5 layers of protection, is hypoallergenic and very soft making it safe to touch baby’s skin. With this, you have the option to use it as an insert or lay it in on the diaper cover. It has a snap on one end so you can secure it in place on the Cutie Patootie FlexiNappy.

Charcoal bamboo soakers has 3 layers of microfiber inside which does the best job in absorbing the liquid fast. However, it’s not safe to touch baby’s sensitive skin because of this quick moisture-wicking ability. That’s what makes throw soaker special. Its outer layer is wrapped with a hypoallergenic Charcoal bamboo material to give it the perfect balance. Now, it can be safely used to touch baby’s skin while enjoying the best of both its functions. Bamboo charcoal has great absorption capacity. It holds and retains liquid really well to avoid leaks, reduce rash tendencies and give that absolute stay-dry feel for hours. Moreover, it naturally repels stains which keeps it neat and clean over time. And due to its natural dark color, stains are nearly invisible which makes the Charcoal bamboo soaker a great choice for cloth diapering. The fleece lining also gives stay-dry comfort to your baby.

Reusable and washable, it makes for a perfect complement to cloth diapers for a totally eco-friendly lifestyle. 


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