Video Reviews

"There is really no wrong or right way of using the FlexiNappy. Functional and adaptable; And that's what's truly incredible about this!"

- Bailey, Cloth Diaper Podcast (Youtube)




"This is the Cadillac of cloth diapers. A workhorse diaper! It has evey feature I can think of that you would need in a cloth diaper." 

- Kristin, Little House on Purpose (Youtube)



"This is a really cool system. It has the features of an All-in-One, All-in-2 and a Pocket. It's a little bit of everything altogether. It might help people who are worried what kind of cloth diapering system to choose."

- Alaina, Lainaslife (Youtube) 



"The FlexiNappy has all the features that I look for. The quality is wonderful. It's one of the very few true one-size diaper, very very trim. And I love that it's so customizable!"

- Marley Mommie (Youtube)




"I think that's neat! There's a lot of versatility with this diaper depending on what you are personally wanting for a diaper." 

- Jay's Nest (Youtube)




"I'm in love with this diaper! Just like its name, you can literally do anything with this diaper. Super versatile!"

- Bella Fleur (Youtube)




"You are paying for convenience and versatility because you can use this diaper in so many ways. It's really the best of all the different worlds!" 

- Ashley Reeves (Youtube)




"I was really impressed with the quality and the way the FlexiNappy handled heavy wetting!" 

- LeAnna With A Capital A (Youtube)





"I don't think you can get anything better than this. These are super high quality!"

- Chantal Newburn (Youtube)